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RefWorks: Guide to Using RefWorks: Adding World Trade Press Content

Research guide covering all aspects of using RefWorks as your bibliographic management tool.

Adding Content to RefWorks

Direct exporting from a World Trade Press database into RefWorks is not currently possible.  Follow the directions below to add content into RefWorks: 

1. Print to PDF. On the article that you would like to add to RefWorks, print to PDF. Save the document on your desktop or in a folder that you can easily access. 

  • Google Chrome Directions: Open a webpage in Chrome, press Ctrl+P to open the Print dialog and change the destination printer to “Save as PDF”. Hit the “Print” button and the webpage will download as a PDF document.

2. Open RefWorks in a new window or tab. You will want to leave the World Trade Press database open for reference in creating your citation. 

3. Select the plus symbol in RefWorks, then select "Create New Reference." 

3. In the database, select the "Cite This Document" button available within most World Trade Press databases. 


4. Using the information in the citation pop-up, create the citation in RefWorks. 


5. To add the full text of the document to the record, select the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the item detail box.


6. Attach the PDF by selecting "Add an Attachment." 



You will know the file is attaching when you see the blue progress bar. Please note, this process can take up to several minutes.