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RefWorks: Guide to Using RefWorks: Read & Annotate

McKee Library no longer subscribes to RefWorks.

Annotating PDFs

You can annotate any of your own documents saved in RefWorks. You may be able to annotate documents shared with you if you have been given permission to annotate and/or modify the document.


PDFs can be annotated by using the highlighting and notes tool in RefWorks. To open the tools, simply double-click on the citation in RefWorks. This will open various tools you can use to highlight (the A icon) and make notes (the speech bubble icon or the notebook paper icon).  You can make changes to the citation using the pencil icon.

Left Side of the Screen Menu


Right Side of Screen Menu



The tutorial below demonstrates how to use the highlighting and annotating tools within RefWorks. 



If you notice that the function does not appear to be working for your document, that is a good indication that it has not been properly OCRd. You are more likely to see this on documents pulled from the Internet. Documents found in library databases should be ready to annotate and highlight in RefWorks.

The directions below can help you OCR documents up to 10 pages in length. 

Step One: Visit

Step Two: Add your document and use the settings indicated below:

Step Three: Download the document by clicking the link.

Step Four: Attach this new document to your RefWorks record.