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RefWorks: Guide to Using RefWorks: Cite Your References in Your Word Processor

McKee Library no longer subscribes to RefWorks.

Cite Your References in Your Word Processor

If you use Microsoft Word you'll love the tools RefWorks provides you. It's a plugin that allows you to quickly insert and edit citations, adding them to your bibliography as you go.

Use Google Docs to write? Our add-on allows you to insert and edit citations from your RefWorks library while you're working in Docs. It even adds your bibliography for you!

To download this tool, select your name in the upper right-hand corner of your RefWorks account followed by "Tools." Scroll down to the "Cite References in Your Word Processor" section. Follow the directions for the word processor that you utilize. 



Office 365 Desktop Version & Office 2016+

Follow the directions below to download RefWorks Citation Manager for Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2016 or newer.  Please note, this will not work with Office 365 users using cloud-based app.  Word must be installed locally. If you have Office 365 2016 or newer installed on your computer, you can utilize the RefWorks Citation Manager. 

Step one: In the desktop version of Office 365, select "Get Add-ins" on the Insert menu.


Step two: Search for RefWorks and select "Add".


Step three: Select the RCM tab and log in to your RefWorks account.


You will have to select the appropriate style from the menu. The style can be changed at any time, depending on your assignment requirements.