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RefWorks: Guide to Using RefWorks: Books & Films

McKee Library no longer subscribes to RefWorks.

Read & Annotate Books

Adding the Citation of the Book or Film to RefWorks

Making Annotations for Books

There are several methods for completing annotations and notes for books. 

Option one:

  1.  Use either your smartphone or one of the scanners in McKee Library to digitally scan the pages of a book you are using in your project. (Please note, you will not scan each page, rather only the pages that you are using for direct citations.) 
  2.  Next upload those pages to the reference for the book in RefWorks and can make the necessary annotations. 

Option two:

  1. Create a document in Word or Google Docs that contains notes and annotations for the work. Include as much detail as possible for the work, include the page number (and paragraph) where you found the information. You can use this later as you are creating your citations.
  2. Attach this notes document to the reference for the book in RefWorks. 

Making Annotations for Films

  1. For videos, see if you can find a transcript of the film, if possible. That can be attached and annotated in RefWorks.
  2. If that is not available, another option is to notes in a Word or Google Doc and then attach that to the record in RefWorks.