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RefWorks: Guide to Using RefWorks: Exporting from Credo Reference

Research guide covering all aspects of using RefWorks as your bibliographic management tool.

Exporting from Credo Reference

Exporting citations Credo Reference into RefWorks can be completed in a few simple steps.  Be sure to log in to RefWorks prior to following these directions. We recommend viewing the Exporting References tutorial to see a demonstration of this process. 

1. Select the item you would like to export.

2. Select "Citation," then "RefWorks" in the pop-up box. 

3. Select "Yes, export to the newest version of RefWorks."



4. Select the folder you would like to export the record to. 



5. To add the full text of the document to the record, select the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the item detail box.

If you have not already saved the PDF to your computer, you will need to do that prior to the next step. To save the PDF from Credo Reference, select "Print" from the menu, then "Download PDF for Printing." Save this file to your computer. We recommend saving the file by the authors last name. 


6. Attach the PDF by selecting "Add an Attachment." 


You will know the file is attaching when you see the blue progress bar. Please note, this process can take up to several minutes.