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Anti-Racism: Environmental Racism

This guide contains information on resources relating to anti-racism, including recommended books for further reading and films.


Internet Resources

Environmental Racism Is the New Jim Crow

Target: St. Louis - Environmental Racism During the Cold War

Post-Hiroshima, the US Army engaged in classified open-air studies on the effects of aerosol radiation. Low-income African-Americans in St. Louis were the unwitting subjects of that testing, by design.

Source: Kanopy


Environmental Racism in the United States and Canada: Seeking Justice and Sustainability

From Flint, Michigan, to Standing Rock, North Dakota, minorities have found themselves losing the battle for clean resources and a healthy environment. This book provides a modern history of such environmental injustices in the United States and Canada. From the 19th-century extermination of the buffalo in the American West to Alaska's Project Chariot (a Cold War initiative that planned to use atomic bombs to blast out a harbor on Eskimo land) to the struggle for recovery and justice in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria in 2017, this book provides readers with an enhanced understanding of how poor and minority people are affected by natural and manmade environmental crises. Written for undergraduates as well as the general reader with an interest in social justice and environmental issues, this book traces the relationship between environmental discrimination, race, and class through a comprehensive case history of environmental injustices. Environmental Racism in the United States and Canada: Seeking Justice and Sustainability includes 50 such case studies that range from local to national to international crises. Provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of the far-reaching specter of environmental racism in the U.S. and Canada, using numerous case studies that extend across the U.S. and Canada from the 19th century into the present day Examines the confluence of climate change, natural resource conflicts, political and corporate corruption, and racism Reflects a regional arrangement to better highlight patterns and types of injustices as well as victims Is written by a prolific author and expert on environmental and Native American issues

Gonna trouble the water

Ecojustice, water, and environmental racism

From the Ground Up

From the ground up environmental racism and the rise of the environmental justice movement

Arlit: Deuxieme Paris

A case study in environmental racism set in a uranium mining town in the Sahara desert of Niger. Here European corporations extract nuclear power and profits leaving behind disease, contamination and unemployment. Ironically the primary activities of Arlit today is waiting, waiting to die of radiation related sicknesses or to emigrate to find work in Europe itself.

Source: Kanopy