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The Research Process

Graphic Credit:

The most important step in beginning your research project is to carefully review the assignment sheet provided by the course professor, along with the grading rubric. Note especially the required word count, number of sources, type of sources, citation style, and any other course specific formatting requirements. 

Next, create a research timeline for your project. How long your project will take varies greatly by the nature of the project. Typically, the more sources required in the paper, the more time you will need to plan for. Consult your syllabus for periodic deadlines and be sure to turn drafts in on time. 

Start early so you can revise your strategy or paper if necessary. Remember that the research process is iterative. It takes time to conduct both the research and writing, as well as make necessary revisions. Starting a paper the night before an assignment is due is typically a bad strategy and we do not recommend this. 

If you need help at any point in the process, use the links below to schedule an appointment.