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PowerNotes: Sources & Citations

This research and note-taking tool enables you to create outlines, annotate, cite, and share your work.


PowerNotes has always gathered the URL for all your sources, but now we’re gathering more information to help you cite sources more efficiently. Depending on the type of source you’re using, PowerNotes will make it easy to gather all the information you need to properly attribute your saved passages. 

The link below provides detailed information on how citations with PowerNotes, including adding database content from places with EBSCO and the types of documents you can add to your PowerNotes outline. 

Citations in PowerNotes

Once you’ve highlighted and saved information, PowerNotes will also automatically capture the citation information provided by the source. You will want to make sure that the citation information is correct, as mistakes do happen in computer generated citations. 

To access and edit citation information, look for the Citation icon (large gray or green quotation mark) that can be found in two places:

  1. Note-taking Popup - the Citation icon is found at the bottom of the annotation popup that appears after you’ve highlighted and categorized something.

  2. Browser Sidebar - the Citation icon appears after each quoted highlight in the project sidebar.

Clicking on the Citation icon associated with a particular highlight will allow you to view and edit the associated citation information in the PowerNotes sidebar. 

Tracking Sources of Information

Automated Citations