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Knowledge Exchange

How to submit your work to Southern's Institutional Repository

How to Add Your Citations to Achieve 

Here are the directions for adding your citations to Achieve:

1.      From the Library’s main page (, under Research and Tools, Select Knowledge Exchange.

2.      In the left column, under “Author Corner”, click "Submit Research”.

3.      Locate the Achieve community. (It is in the middle of the page, right above the Center for Teaching Excellence and Biblical Foundations of Faith and Learning.)  

4.      Create an account or log in if you already have one. 

5.      Once you have created an account/logged in, you will be taken to the submission page.  

6.      Fill out the requested information and upload your file. All items that are designated "Required" must be completed before your submission will be processed. 

  • Supporting documentation (see below) is required for honoraria. 
  • If your submission was previously published, note this in the comments section.
  • If you don't provide a recommended citation, that's ok; one will be provided for you.

7.      Click “Submit”. Congratulations! You’re done! 

8.      Your submission will be visible in Knowledge Exchange in 48-72 hours.

9.      Questions?