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Google & Google Scholar: Searching Strategies

Google is a powerful search engine that offers quick and easy web searching. Use the tips and tricks provided in this guide to get the most your of your Google search.

Searching Strategies

The following search operators can be used within Google to further refine results.

Operators & Meaning Example
Excludes adult content
safesearch:sex education
(Will search for sex education and block adult content.)
Searches the body of the text only
Intext:colonial Latin America
(Will search for “Colonial Latin American” in the body of the text and not in links, URL’s, titles, etc.)
linked pages
(Finds pages that link to the Library of Congress.)
limit to a particular domain
“breast cancer”
(Limits results to just those found on .edu websites.)
links to file type specifications
budget filetype:pdf
(Find annual reports in pdf format)
title search
allintitle:“breast cancer”
(Search for titles that contain the phrase “breast cancer.”)
inurl: OR allinurl:
URL search
inurl:"medieval Europe" OR allinurl:“medieval Europe”
(Will result in URL’s that contain “medieval Europe” only.)
definition of a word
(Definition of the word compost.)
Related items searched
(Searches websites similar to the one in the search.)