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Campus Research Day

Oral Presentations

1) Presentations are to be a total of 15 minutes long (12 min presentation + 3 min Q/A).  Plan to dress professionally, even though your presentation will take place on Zoom. You MUST be present at the BEGINNING of your session, not just during your individual presentation time.  Be mindful of your time: the room moderator will alert you when you have 5 min and then 1 min left.

2) You are expected, indeed you are required, to remain in the presentation room for the entire session.  During the time you are not presenting, you should give respectful attention to the other presenters.  This means no cell phone or laptop use.

3) Presenters are required to upload a copy of their paper to Southern’s Institutional Repository, KnowledgeExchange, during the submission process.  Instructions for doing so are available here.  Remember that your professor must approve your paper and sign your student submission form.

4) All oral presentations will be evaluated using a standard rubric.  We encourage you to become familiar with the evaluation form, available above.

5) Convocation Credit will be available for Campus Research Day participation/attendance.  One credit will be available for attendance/participation in any one oral presentation session. 

6) At this time, only select classes are canceled for the day.  It is your responsibility to check with your professor to determine the status of your classes.  We have done our best to minimize class conflicts for you, but if you do have a class conflict, please resolve it on your own or contact us and we will try to help.

Poster Presentations

1) Posters must be in a digital format this year. Your digital poster, along with your pre-recorded 5-minute presentation, must submitted by April 9, 2021. More details soon on how to submit your video and digital poster! 

2) Please find a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make your 5-minute poster session presentation on Panopto below. In addition, here is  a video tutorial that guides you through the process. Please keep in mind that although you can create your digital poster using any program you desire, you must be able to insert it into a PowerPoint slide. Having a PowerPoint slide is the easiest way to have your poster as a background for your video. You should all be able to log in to Panopto with your username and password. If you have any trouble doing so, please let me know.  Remember that the deadline to post your video to Panopto and a PDF of your poster to Knowledge Exchange is April 9.

2) The poster presentations can viewed online here.